DRYNESS ANYONE? No thank you!!!

Anyone else experiencing dryness? I had been waking up with a dry throat & felt like I had a full blown cold until I had some water and realized that it's really from the air being pumped into my home.

I remember my Nana aka the FLORENCE who our matte lipstick is named after always had during the Fall/Winter months - these jars of water over top/near the air vents with old panty hose covering the top like a filter.

Did your Nana's do this growing up too?

I remembered this trick and have gone and added 4 LARGE  jars of water where all my air vents are and placed them as close to them as possible along with my fav essential oils.

I'm happy to report this has made a HUGE difference. Also defusers are just as good. I like the old fashion way as I don't have to refill them every few hours.

Try it out if you've been having this same problem and let me know what you think.

My chin & around my mouth have been super dry as well which I’m chalking up to mask wearing - thankfully my HYDRA 7 has been working wonders and giving me some relief and that extra hydration needed.

Any questions? Leave a comment below or email me melanie@dalishcosmetics.com

Stay Fabulous!


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