Gossip Series: Stacey Davis of Lovefresh

We're so excited to share the first of its kind on Gossip, our guest blogger series! We believe in the power of collaboration and highlighting individuals in business that we admire. We've rounded up a few questions for each person to get a candid insight into their world and share some of their wise words! 

First up, we have the lovely Stacey Davis of Lovefresh. She's a built an amazing business of 100% natural, cruelty free and made in Canada products. She creates everything from delicious sugar scrubs, lotions, cleaners + soaps for home, a collection of products for baby and SO much more. Lots of great gifts for the holiday season so we definitely recommend checking out her website and taking a peek! 

A few questions we asked Stacey...

The best piece of business advice you’ve received?

"It doesn't happen overnight." Building a business takes time and patience - time to build customers and patience to find the right suppliers. 
It has taken over 12 years to build LOVEFRESH to the level it is today.

The hardest lesson you’ve learned?
Trust your gut. Always! The hardest lesson I have learned was listening to others instead of what I knew was right.
One goal (this can be small or big!) you are working towards?
We are working towards being the most environmentally bath and body care company on the market - Including reusable, recyclable and compostable packaging.

Your favourite da lish product and why you love it?
My favourite Da Lish product is the lip and cheek balm, so versatile. 
Love the fact that is is Canadian and locally made. 

Thanks to Stacey for being our first guest blogger on Gossip. Stay tuned for more! 

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