It's My BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday to ME :)

After 3 years I'm going to embrace my Birthday again....

See - I lost my beloved Mother Rosemary 3 years ago and my bestie Nadine July 25th so almost a year ago today. These were people who I would celebrate my Bday with and always looked forward to it. The year my Mother passed, I wanted no part of it and even took down any indication as to when my Birthday even was but Nadine would hear non of it and threw a beautiful small party with my near & dear friends. It's what I needed and didn't know it. 

This year after looking back on all our amazing memories, I've decided that I'm going to get back to creating these moments with my loved one's and really embrace it again. I've decided that it's not a time of sadness anymore but a joyous time that I'm alive, healthy, and living life. I've surpassed Nadine's age and she dearly wanted to live and so did my Mother. Neither one of them chose to leave us. 

I'm thrilled even during a pandemic I'm still going to get together with my fav people, have some drinks, eat some treats, dress up and celebrate for those who can't and this is how we honour the one's we love!


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