Maskne - Yes it's a thing = Face mask acne

Not sure about you but I've noticed some changes in my face from wearing my mask. It's organic cotton, I change the coffee filter every time I use it and wash it daily but STILL what the heck has been going on with my face???

I had been getting the smallest clusters of acne around my jaw line and rough dry patches on my chin. I've been seeing many posts online from other women so it's actually a thing.

Wearing a mask can cause your face to sweat/added moisture which can lead to breakouts, dry patches and irritated skin. This is especially true for people who are already acne prone and other skin conditions. Hello that's me! 

Good news though! I'm going to help you out with what I have found to work very effectively for me and other's that have asked me.

Regimented skin care is critical - you have to make sure you're cleansing your face before bed even if you didn't put makeup on. Your skin is a filter and catches dust, pollutants, and needs to be properly cleaned as wearing as mask instantly adds more bacteria to your face.

Exfoliate - daily as you need to removes the layers of dead skin which is rejuvenating itself every second of the day. 

Masking - 2 times a week. I was only doing it once a week but finding my skin needs some extra love & care so I make these 2!

HONEY & OATMEAL mask which is great for killing bacteria, soothing, hydrating, excellent for any skin irritations.

ALOE & AVOCADO so soothing and calming for your skin. I like to use 1/2 the avocado and one large stem from my personal aloe plant, mix together and put in  the fridge for 10/15 min so it gets nice and cool. Feels so wonderful on and also helps brighten your skin. 

Tone - my go to is Rosewater and something we're waiting to get restocked soon! It calms the skin and evens out your PH balance .

Moisturize - last step for me. I like to use something that light and absorbs quickly and non greasy. 

These steps have made a HUGE difference for me and happy to report my skin is MUCH better and not getting the serve break outs or the clusters of acne. The dry patches are gone as well.

Any questions? Drop me a note in the comments below or email me


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