THANK YOU for supporting me during this time!

Hey Fab Squad! 

I wanted to say Hi & thanks to you all for support da lish during this time. 

My name is Melanie for those of you who have just joined us and I’m the founder of da lish which I started making out of my kitchen here in Toronto over 10 years ago. 
Don’t worry - I’m not making products in the kitchen but still here in Toronto, small batch, 85% locally sourced ingredients and recyclable packaging. 

When you purchase da lish - I’m now the one who is packing up your order and dropping it off in the mail to you! I take great precautions when wrapping them up and I write a personal note to each and every single person that places an order. It’s my joy to do so. 

I’m blown away by your continued support for this business that is my passion and dream of clean, eco chic luxury in colour cosmetics. Please leave a comment below for what other local companies you've been supporting? They all need our love right now.


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