What are you thankful for? You should be asking yourself this EVERYDAY!

I ask myself this question daily... What am I thankful for? My health is always #1.

The last 3 years have been a trying time for me personally with the passing of my Mother Rosemary, my uncle Don 1 year to the day of my Mother and most recently my bestie Nadine to Breast Cancer. My grandfather is next and once again on death watch which is a brutal waiting game. It take so much of energy & strength to focus on the positive. It's taken me a few years to even get to the point of being grateful again.

Nadine really put me back on track of I need to live and enjoy my life to the fullest. I have my health which is # 1. Seeing the way she suffered and went through I have learned that I can be nothing but grateful for what this body can do and does daily. 

I have been on both sides of being oblivious of daily life and just getting through the days - to life is short and make it count. I've learned a lot from loss. In fact I think I've finally learned how to live from it.

Loss has taught me to be present in my daily life, enjoy the times I spend with friends & family. To really take in & enjoy my trips and just roll with the punches when things don't go as planned. Take bigger risks in life and go for what I REALLY want. Not just what I think I can have or do. I don't want to have any more regrets. It sounds easier than actually doing it. It's tough but I've been broken. I don't mean that is a feel bad for me way but I've been broken enough that I have nothing to loose and will go for what I actually want. I feel more deeply and have more compassion for people than ever before. 

My message is to not wait to get to this point that I've gotten to. Teach yourself to to be present, enjoy the time you have with friends and family. Tell them all the things you've always wanted to as none of us are promised tomorrow.

It's so easy to let things get you bogged down and focus on the stress. It's a daily battle for me.

I've taken so much for granted in my life and I know I can't do that any longer. 

I'm grateful for my health, I have a roof over my head, can buy food, have friends/family that love me, travel and do what I'm most passionate about which is da lish. I get to wake up everyday and work on a business I built from scratch and make products that help and change lives of women daily.

I remind myself of this daily. Not just holidays. I miss the people I love dearly and wish I was able to tell them so. The best way to honour yourself and the people you love is to truly experience life in what ever way you choose. 

We focus on eating well, buying organic, going to the gym etc.. but what about your mental health? It's just as important if not top of the list. Reminding yourself of things that make you happy and proud does actually work. TRUST ME! I am a self taught believer. Even just writing this post has been very therapeutic and reminded me of all the good. Give it a try on the daily! Just start with one thing like I did. My health and build from there. It's the exercise your brian & soul needs.



PS - this is one of my fav photos of me in Mom in Greece. I remember this moment clearly as she really sank and leaned into me. This was one of the best trips we had together.

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Love this post. Like you, I’m reminded everyday to be grateful and cherish every second we have. Hugs to you and great photos of you and your mama.❤️

Joy David October 11, 2019

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