Say what you will about her, we give Barbie credit for trying. She is, after all, celebrating her 60th birthday this year, and, as they say, it can be hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

That said, our favourite plaything as a child (we spent hours upon hours in our bedrooms with her) has teamed up with da lish cosmetics to release a limited-edition three-piece kit ($60) to celebrate her six decades of Dream House-sized awesomeness and spread the word on what Barbie has aimed to embody since 1959: empowering women to be whatever they want to be, no matter size, shape or skin tone. Each kit includes the CEO kit (matte long-lasting bright pink lipstick with a purple/blue undertone that's inspired by the 1985 Day to Night Barbie), the Rocker (a dark-purple metallic creme eyeshadow that can be used as a liner or to create that perfect smokey eye; who else had (and danced to) the Barbie and the Rockers tape?) and the Pilot (inspired by Flight Time Barbie, this black mascara won't smudge, clump or flake).

Barbie and da lish, we love you. —Vita Daily

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