da lish + Barbie 60th Anniversary Collaboration!

da lish cosmetics has proudly collaborated with Barbie to create a limited edition 3 piece kit to celebrate Barbie’s 60th Anniversary!

Barbie has been inspiring girls since 1959 and today offers the most diverse and inclusive doll line on the market, continually evolving to become a more relevant, modern reflection of today’s world. Inspired by this shared vision, the limited edition kit embodies diversity, offering a range of colours to complement a variety of skin tones.

This Barbie + da lish collaboration is my ode to the 80’s. The bright pink lipstick, big hair and Rocker chic glam are reminiscent of my early childhood. My mother would say ‘everything always comes back into style’ and I’m glad to be bringing an updated version of Barbie glam to you all. 

To add to the excitement we’ve got news that all our lip products going forward will be vegan! This is our long lasting matte lipstick that many of you know and love with a slight tweak to the formulation for the better as we’re no longer going to use beeswax. It’s been replaced with a combo of plant based waxes for a lipstick you can look good and feel good wearing.

Day to Night Barbie™

This Barbie first launched in 1985 is beyond pink fabulousness! No other lipstick shades screams more Pink than this for this CEO. I just had to keep her coordinated and now she has the perfect matte long lasting lipstick to wear all day long.

Barbie and the Rockers™ 

This Barbie was first launched in 1986 and is my fav childhood Barbie. When this doll was released again for the Barbie 50thAnniversary, I had to have a new pristine one that I could adore all over again. Her purple metallic belt and purple eyeshadow are the inspiration behind the Rocker metallic cream eyeshadow which is very versatile. In fact you can wear it as a liner, smoky eye, light eyeshadow or full on Rockstar whole lid. I suggest putting a base down first of foundation or concealer. Get ready to rock your day!

Flight Time Barbie™

This Pilot Barbie was first launched in 1989 and when you think back, it’s very cool that this iconic brand was so forward thinking and continues to be today. You truly can be anything you want to be. It takes hard work and dedication and a LOT of self-motivation but is worth it! Pilot black mascara is a non-smudging, flaking or clumping formulation. You’re ok to have a tear drop but not an ugly cry.

Our beautiful pearlescent white packaging was inspired by Barbie and the Rockers™ doll pleather white pearl skirt. I knew that we had to package this kit in something special and the iconic 80’s logo harkens back to my best times with Barbie. This turned out exactly how I had hoped and feel like this is a worthy package to deliver this fabulous collection in. I hope you love it! 

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