Refreshing your Fall + Winter beauty look

Embracing change can be a really good thing. For us in Canada, as the season changes it's always a great time to inventory the products you're using and refresh some of your makeup and skincare products. It's truly the perfect time to switch it up and try out some new shades or colours that pair back to your cozy wardrobe as the temperatures drop. 

On the blog today we've put together a guide of some of our favourite products we love to use during the fall & winter season. We love the darker, moody tones that these seasons bring out but don't forget we still totally love rocking a bold pink or red lip no matter the weather! ;)

We'll be sure to link all of the specific shades from the guide as they're always available to shop on our website! 

Matte Lipstick LO1: NUDE

Why we love this: This shade works well all year round but it's nude enough to work back to your skin tone well even when you're a bit more pale. It's the perfect neutral in our humble opinion! 

Matte Lipstick LO4: VINTAGE RED

Why we love this: A darker red tone that will give you full matte coverage and a moody, sultry look. We love this one for a night out when you want a bold lip. 

Lip & Cheek Balm BO4: BRONZER

Why we love this: This is one of our favourite products to use in the summer time to give us a bronzy glow when we have a flawless tan, however this is perfect as a cream eyeshadow in the fall & winter. A little goes a long way and these are truly tiny jars of magic that will take you from season to season. 

Lip & Cheek Balm BO5: DEEP PLUM

Why we love this: The deepest shade in our collection is our 'deep plum' balm and it's such a beautiful dark shade! This works well as a pearly lip colour or as an eyeshadow. Trust us, don't shy away from the dark appearance, it's a gorgeous shade! 


Why we love this: With a hint of vanilla, our lipgloss is always a great choice! We love the 'raspberry' as a darker option for your go-to gloss.

Lipgloss GO5: DARK BERRY

Why we love this: Who doesn't love a bold lipgloss?! This one has a brown undertone and although it's dark, it works well as a neutral. 


Why we love this: Our signature black mascara doesn't flake, cake or smudge. We love to layer it for a bolder look and it doesn't clump! 


Why we love this: This is the super 7 of hydrating, rejuvenating, anti aging, skin/sun damage repair, antioxidants, vitamin rich and much more that’s the perfect boost to your lips & eyes. This product goes on clear and can be used daily. It's a great addition to your routine during the colder months, too! 


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