Happy Mother's Day - How I honour my Mother who isn't here

Mother's Day has always been big for me. I always made sure I took care of my Mom and spoiled her the best I could. 

I lost my Mother Rosemary 3 years ago and part of my heart with her. The looming of such a holiday while joyful for many can and is very painful for people like me who just want it to go by as quickly as possible because it hurts. 

Like most special holidays, I've had to figure out how to get through them. Not sure if you can relate.... 

It's been 3 years so I'm able to finally focus not just on the loss & grief but how lucky I am to have had the BEST Mom in the world. I know many people who didn't have the bond we had and it was a pure unconditional love. That's what I learned from her. What true unconditional love is and how lucky I was to have it. 

I'm a much kinder, love deeper and appreciate what I have more now than ever before and it's unfortunate it took such a loss to discover but I have and it guides me. 

So this Sunday, I celebrate you Mom! Happy Mother's Day Mema - and all the beloved Mother's who aren't here but also the one's who have stepped in to show us love and kindness. Aunts are pretty special people and lucky to have a fabulous one. Mom would be happy to know someone is looking after me.


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