Introducing CRU Skincare

CRU - french translation for RAW ingredients of the highest quality (also ode to my last name)

RAW SCIENCE reflects what I wanted this line to be. Well thought out products that are very intentional and will work in conjunction with other products you use. Think of CRU as a booster to your current fav’s that will give an EXTRA something that’s missing like Vitamin C, Anti-Oxidants & Niacinamide to name a few.

The 1st thing that makes CRU stand apart is the preserving healthy skin barrier function. Too many actives and AHA/BHA acids and poorly formulated products can break this down which is a very common problem with a lot of these skin care lines.

Why is this so important? 2 main reasons:

1 helps your skin retain moisture by preventing water loss from deeper skin layers.

2 it helps protect your skin from harsh elements like UV rays, pollutants, microbes, & chemicals.

CRU's focus is on clean/efficacy and formulation SYNERGY.  We use a limited but necessary amount of sustainably safe synthetics and safety in preservation systems. Think clean technology. 

A very big focus is on protection and regeneration from DAILY oxidative stress (light pollution, urban pollution, indoor pollution) but using plant powered actives. We use Lingonberry Stem Cell technology in the Radical Serum with Niacinamide. This is not a combo or formulation you can currently find on the market. Another feature that makes CRU so unique!

Super C isn't JUST a singular vitamin C Serum - the synergy between using the 3 Plums, including Kakadu Plum (highest form of Plant Vit C out there....even more than Oranges!) Burdekin Plum, Illawara Plum, Black Current, Elderberry as well as a stable form of Vitamin C. It’s the POWER HOUSE of an anti-oxidant cocktail.

What I’m trying to convey it that CRU is more than just "hero ingredients" being dropped into a base formula. Our formulations are intentional and purposeful (i.e. anyone can just make a vitamin c cream you know?)

Click HERE to see the full line for yourself and let me know what you think?


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