Let's talk what "self care" really is and why it's essential for your well being!

If you think you’ve been hearing more about self-care now, you’re right. According to Google Trends, the number of searches for “self-care” has more than doubled since 2015. 

Let’s clear up one common misconception from the start: Self care is not synonymous with self-indulgence or being selfish. Self care means taking care of yourself so that you can be healthy, be well, do your job, and help care for others. Do all the things you need to and want to accomplish in a day.

Unfortunately, however, many people view self-care as a luxury, rather than a priority. Consequently, they're left feeling overwhelmed, tired, and ill-equipped to handle life's inevitable challenges.

It's important to assess how you're caring for yourself in several different domains so you can ensure you're caring for your mind, body, and spirit.

Self care can also be anything from taking the time to make a really good cup of coffee to adding that pop of lipstick so that you feel good when on your Zoom calls or just for the heck of it. I love my morning ritual of putting on some lipstick. It's part of my routine of starting my day and staying on track. 

What rituals of self care have you taken up? Please let me know if the comments below.

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The most important thing I’ve learned about self-care is that it doesn’t necessarily mean doing whatever you want and not being accountable. For me that looked like sitting on the couch, eating junk food, not cleaning my apartment and trying not to “beat myself up” over it.

Really taking care of yourself means making some hard choices and being accountable. I went on a healthy diet and exercise program. I stuck to the program. I did all my workouts. Started doing Yoga with Adriene free online to balance out the strenuous workouts. Having to stick to a routine, meal prep, go to work made me more organized and energized. Now my apartment is clean. Now a hot bath and doing my nails is a treat, not an indulgence. The icing on the cake, but not the cake!

I am trying to extend this accountability to my career. So instead of watching Netflix every night, I’m working towards my goal. This, to me, is what “self-care” looks like.

Cindy April 06, 2021

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