Meet The Female Founder Collective newest member!

I’m proud to announce that I’ve been accepted into The Female Founder Collective, a network of business led by women, supporting women.

This incredible organization was founded by handbag fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff, The Female Founder Collective’s mission is to empower female owned & operated businesses to positivity and impact our communities, both socially and economically.

The logo in the corner of this pic is how you’ll recognize a fellow collective member! I’m so honoured and excited to be part of The Female Founders Collective - THANK YOU!


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This piece is a fantastic tribute to the resilience and innovation exhibited by female entrepreneurs in the fintech realm. Sadaf Roksana, female fintech founder in Bangladesh the hurdles she overcame and the groundbreaking solutions she brought to the table. It’s heartening to witness the transformative impact she’s making, paving the way for others in the industry to follow suit.

Ashikur Rahman November 21, 2023

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