Sneak Peak at our NEW Foundation Shades!

Hi Lovely,

Not sure if you know but I was suppose to launch our new revamped foundations in October of 2019. I have all the packaging, box cartons, base labels and sales channels in place but let's talk what it's like to formulate as a small independent business owner.

I went back to school for cosmetic formulations and started da lish out of my kitchen in downtown Toronto in 2006. It was just a hobby back then as I had a true desire to create for myself a clean version of my fav products.

Foundation is the most important product to me. It's was changed my life when I first discovered it in grade 7 after a class mate told me how disgusting my face was and to go & cover it up. I had suffered from horrific acne. That day after school my Mother took me to BiWay and I bought my first of MANY sets of liquid foundation & pressed powder. From that point on I was never without it EVER!

Flash forward to 3 years ago and I decided to bring back & re launch our darker shades as I've built my customer base up and see the demand. It's been a challenge on many fronts - I have a current cult following on the foundations so the change needs to be an instant pleaser for my current customers and meets the 95% natural & organic ingredient standards I have mandated for da lish 

I lost track of how many samples over the past 3 years of new & improved formulations that is better than my current one. Wear, flexibility, finish, texture, longevity & smell are what I'm looking to get the perfect mixture of. 

WE DID IT! Finally after all the samples, trials, shade testing the formulation finally came together or so I had thought.

Let's talk stability.... 

Stability in formulations is one of the biggest challenges especially when working with natural & organic ingredients so as excited as I am to finally have a new fabulous formulations it's nerve racking to see if it will meet the stability test of being hot - cold at least 10 times and really making sure that the formulations stays as it should. We can get it to 7 which many companies would be ok with but not me. It has to be 10 and meet every test, standard with flying colours.

I had a new launch date of March 2020 as I know we are so close and we're going to get the formulation where it needs to be. Pandemic strikes and my manufacture closes. On hold until we're allowed to pick up where we left off.

We're back in business and getting back on track. It's with my great hope and expectation for a summer launch so PLEASE stay tuned.


PS - Check out my Promise to you with diversity....

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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

nvovhhrxwd March 13, 2021

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