What is Self Care? Are you doing it right?

The truth is self care is about taking care of #1! That's you my sweet friend.

Getting enough sleep, drinking lot's of water are important but so is making sure that you have rituals that make you feel your BEST.

I love to cook myself a good meal, get my fav chocolate walnut chip cookie from Le Gourmand, good wine  and of course products!

Full disclosure - I'm a full on product junkie. I love & obsessed with skin care, masks, face devices like a jade roller, serums and always making my own oils for night time. 

My nose has a personality of it's own and in a past life I think I was a perfumist as I have the most sensitive sense of small and it's a passion of mine. Any city I travel to I always make time to find the gems that sell the pure essential based one's. When I was in India a few years ago I had made my own in Cochin and till this day is still one of my favs. It's a one of a kind and I put it on when I need a boost. Instant happiness!

One of my daily rituals is to shower at night. I feel like it's washing the day away and take my time to wash my face, lotion and of course add perfume. There's something when you're sleeping to smell good. It just makes you feel special or at least that's the feeling it gives me.

Let's talk makeup up shall we??? I LOVE testing, developing and of course playing with new products. It just makes me feel good. Anytime I leave the house even just for a walk - I always put some lipstick on. It makes me feel instant chic.

What I'm trying to get it is that self care is about doing daily little rituals from as simple as adding some lipstick to cooking a nice meal or sitting on the couch and ordering takeout. You deserve to feel good and enjoy yourself my friend. We all do!

What are some of you fav rituals? I'd love to hear. Leave me a comment below.


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