My promise to you going forward...

Over the past week I've been thinking on what I need to do to be better. What are the things that I need to change and I have a list of where I'm going to start.

Show more diversity in da lish. I have failed at this by not having more colour swatches on various skin tones. This is something I'm going to change and have been working towards. My excuses have been trying to find the right models, coordinating a space for a photo shoot etc... Going forward I'm asking my clients to take photos for me and showcase how fabulous our shades look on all skin tones.

I've ALWAYS taken great care & pride that our shades are universal and work on all skin tones and I have to showcase this and will be from now on. The balls are already in motion and excited to see various skin tones represented on the website and on our social media platforms.

We currently have 5 shades of foundations. The thought has always been to have a very tight line and not too many of any category. I see this isn't the case for foundations and will continue to add more diverse shades so that I can serve ALL of our customers. 

This is my start and will continue to grow and focus on how I can do better at showcasing the incredible diversity that we have and be a place where ALL are welcome, respected & represented. 

I'm excited for what's to come and making da lish a better brand because of the true & deep desire to connect and grow with you ALL.


Photo Quintin Monge

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