Custom KISS Face Mask - Limited Edition


I LOVE wearing my bright lipstick....

Many stores have already started requiring customers to wear a mask and it looks like this is going to be our new normal moving forward for a while. As a bright lipstick wearer, this poses me with a bit of a beauty challenge. I just don’t feel like myself without that added pop of colour so I decided to create a mask that offers the wearer the opportunity to sport their favourite da lish lipstick in a fun way, while keeping healthy and safe, and giving back to Canadians in need. 

I’m proud to partner with Kingi Carpenter a local Canadian designer for this exclusive and limited edition custom da lish kiss mask. This is MY actual lip print and I’ve chosen 2 of our bestselling shades for you to choose from. ROSEMARY (plum) & FLORENCE (red)

NEW - black now available in the NADINE 💄 shade.

Did you know with our up cycled KISS face masks you add your own filter? I have been using coffee filters that I found at my local grocery store and they work perfect. Just replace them each time I use it and recycle ♻️ the filter in my paper bin.

Can easily be thrown in the dryer to kill bacteria or the washing machine and dryer. It's made from up cycled material. Each one is hand printed in Toronto!

The da lish front line worker program twas a HUGE success! Over 100 units of our Hydra 7 moisturizer were sent as a free gift to anyone who is required to wear a mask to work and needed some tender loving care for their sore face. Now I’m hoping to help support those who are struggling to buy food. In Canada no one should be without food or water and it’s at times like this we all need to do what we can to support people in need in our communities and across the country. With every purchase of a da lish kiss mask, available for $29 each, with a portion of the sale will be donated to food banks across Canada. 

FREE SHIPPING on all face masks! It will show up in check out as FREE. 

Let's do some good and look fabulous doing it ;)


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