A Visual Guide: Matte Lipsticks

It's no surprise that our matte lipstick is one of our bestsellers. We love how this lipstick wows with full coverage, full pigment colour that won’t dry out your lips. Inspired by bright, garden blooms, the long lasting, fashion-forward hues endure coffee time or cocktail hour without the ring around your lips. 

We wanted to share a visual guide to show you our shades! 

LO1 💋

The perfect nude, ideal for thick and medium lips. 


LO3 💋

 This shade is BRIGHT and such a fun colour to wear. 

LO4 💋

This is the original red lipstick from the 1920's. It just never goes out style!  

LO5 💋

A soft coral that is very versatile and works well on many skin tones. 


 Drop us a comment and let us know your favourite! 

Stay Fabulous xo

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