Hi & welcome to my personal story! My name is Melanie Cruickshank and I have a true passion for everything clean luxurious beauty. I was born to wear lipstick & heels as my Mother Rosemary would say.

Melanie Cruikshank

Like so many people, I struggled with horrible acne, low self-confidence, I was very heavy weight wise and had a learning disability. 
I had a class mate tell me that my face was disgusting and could I go and wear foundation. I wasn't familiar with foundation and bought some that night. 
LIFE CHANGING! Pure magic. From that day onwards I was never without my pressed powder or liquid foundation. It gave me confidence and most importantly control. Makeup literally changed my life.

When I had the opportunity to go back to school, I put both my right hand person - My Mother Rosemary and I through natural/organic cosmetic chemistry making school and we did this on nights & weekends. I wanted to recreate my cult favourite products and feel good about what I was putting in & on my body. 

Melanie da lish cosmetics

I'm determined to make a change in the clean beauty world, help people feel their absolute best and give that boost of confidence with products you can feel good about using. Production began in my kitchen, hand filling product with syringes, one by one. Clean beauty at that time was non existent and a hard sell/very granola looking. I wanted to change that and create a new category. 

My mission is to create clean luxurious beauty products that you use daily and feel good about using, are easy to apply, feel amazing on, long lasting, chic, sustainably sourced, killer shades to choose from, not putting terrible chemicals into your body. We're all too pretty to poison!