INLAND x da lish 1st clean beauty brand to join!

INLAND Launches Canadian Clean Beauty Section at Fall Shopping Event. 

Toronto, ON - In addition to presenting 70 of Canada’s top clothing, apparel and accessory collectionsINLAND expands to include a selection of Canadian clean cosmetics brands by Toronto-based da lish cosmetics.

Taking place on Friday, September 27 and Saturday, September 28 in the 7-story public atrium at 134 Peter Street, Toronto, INLAND is a free event encouraging awareness and investment in Canadian contemporary conscious design. 100% of all collections showcased at INLAND are ethically made or manufactured in Canada.

“Fashion is an expression of who we are, says INLAND Founder Sarah Power, “Everyday we’re telling the story of how Canada is a global leader in conscious, diversity-driven style. Local designers are defining the future of self-expression to be more inclusive, accessible and transparent and we’re honoured to put a spotlight on that. Shoppers look to INLAND as a source for discovering new products and collections that reflect both their personal ethics and style. Unlike traditional retail, consumers at INLAND have face-to-face conversations with the makers and business owners, gaining authentic insight to the inspiration and origins of each collection.” 

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Thank you for sharing your favorite products with us. I learned a lot and I am looking forward to trying many of them.

peter gomes October 08, 2020

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