My name is Melanie and I'm the founder of da lish! You can read more about me here.

I'm multi passionate about so many incredible causes & eco conscious organizations - here are a few that you help me support when you choose to purchase da lish.

Zero Wate for 2024
I’ve been working on having all our cosmetic packaging to be ZERO WASTE for 2024. This is no easy feat given how difficult the supply chain has been but I feel good about achieving this goal and can’t wait to show you what I come out with.

Personal products are a major contributing problem with the waste they produce and this is my part in working towards not adding further to this problem.

The da lish front line worker program twas a HUGE success! Over 100 + units of our Hydra 7 moisturizer were sent as a free gift to anyone who is required to wear a mask to work and needed some tender loving care for their sore face. Now I’m hoping to help support those who are struggling to buy food. In Canada no one should be without food or water and it’s at times like this we all need to do what we can to support people in need in our communities and across the country.

LGFB Bubbles & Brunch I joined the board of this important charity last year and happy to be back again for 2020. I have a very personal connection to Cancer as I'm sure so many of us do. This is the only non for profit organization that women can go to for free and learn how to cope with the complications of hair loss, eye brows, learn to apply makeup when going through treatment and talk with other women who are going through what they are really and connect with each other. Bubbles & Brunch raised $62,000 for LGFB last year and have an even bigger goal to set this year. This is one of the best events to attend and the ticket includes open bar, food and fantastic gift bags for all.

My beloved Mother Rosemary passed on September 25th, 2016 from Pancreatic Cancer and it has left a gaping hole in my heart. She was my #1 supporter and biggest da lish fan. We donate proceeds from her lipstick I made in her honour that I matched to her eye glasses she wore everyday. This shade looks AMAZING on everyone. 

RETHINK Breast Cancer - I lost my BFF Nadine Parsons on July 25, 2019 from MBC Breast Cancer. She wasn't taken seriously at age 35 when she went in for a lump in her breast and was told it's a cluster of cysts. She died 1.5 years later after it was found in her bones. Cancer amongst women under 40 is on the rise rise and Nadine was a casualty of that. You need to be your own self advocate  and push if you feel something is off. This was her message and spent her last days helping and doing everything in her power to help women check themselves. I miss her dearly and re named her fav da lish lipstick (LO2) NADINE with proceeds going to her rethink donation page. You can read the blog's she wrote for rethink and I have proudly partnered with rethink for their Give-a-care program. 

ADPOT A CHILD for Christmas - in 2019, I sponsored 7 teens for Christmas and will continue to do this for the years to come. Please look up your local adopt a child/support a family as I can assure you - nothing feels better then helping where ever you can. It was the best feeling to give to kids, teens who wouldn't have gotten anything otherwise.

ECO & SUSTAINABILITY Responsibility - All of our box packaging is made from post recycled material and then can be recycled again. Our lip & Cheek are FULLY recyclable glass pots, & the same with our foundation glass bottles. Please like all containers they need to be cleaned out first. The clear plastic tubes we use for our lip glosses, mascara, concealers, Hydra 7, eyeshadow & highlighter can be recycled as well. I'm currently working on how we can recycle the wands and always looking for how I can reduce any waste to zero. It's a work in progress that I continue to work on until it's 100%. I know we'll get there as new options are coming available to us. Your continued support helps and creates the demand for recyclable & sustainable packaging. When sourcing raw ingredients I look for local which is about 85% and the rest is free trade, organic and most importantly sustainable materials. In 2019 I no longer use beeswax & gone 100% Vegan. 

CRUELTY FREE - We are PETA approved and only test on people not our furry friends. Our raw ingredients are not tested on animals and will not buy from or support any raw ingredients suppliers who don't enforce this important practice. 

When you purchase from da lish you are supporting an independently owned and operated business that supports other businesses which not only puts money into our economy but allows me to support a variety of truly important organizations. All our products are made in Canada. 

da lish is a purpose driven business to help people feel & look their best! Helping a variety of worthy causes is just as important. There is always room for improvement. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to me directly.