How to get the perfect zoom look in under 3 min!

That's right my friend... in under 3 min you can & will be zoom fabulous!

I don't know about you but I've never spent so much time on FaceTime, Zoom and House Party. That being said I also know that the camera kind of gives an airbrushed look that you can't see every pore in my face like you would in person thank gosh! 

Here is my 3 min perfect zoom look!

Step 1 Concealer - apply this under your eyes, t zone, chin and blend with either your fingers or what ever tool you like to use like a brush or beauty blender. Like I said before, no one can see the details of your face like they would in person.

Step 2 Blush/Bronzer - you need some colour and trust me you realize pretty quick how pale/tired you can look via video and need to have either some blush on the apples of your cheek or bronzer which is my go to these days. I want to look like I've been sun kissed plus it makes me feel good to have some colour. 

TIP add more then you think you need so it shows up on camera!

Step 3 Lip Colour - my fav part ;) I love me a good lip and feel it's the perfect accessory for your face. Choose your fav lipstick, lip gloss, or balm and you're fabulous in less then 3 min! 

It's AMAZING what a bit of makeup can do to make you feel fab and not be horrified seeing your face on camera. Don't forget to run a brush through your hair. I'm all about the side bun. Super fast and always looks chic. 

Stay Fabulous!


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