To Gloss or not to Gloss.... OBVIOUSLY to GLOSS!

Fab Squad!

Let’s talk glosses….

I’m VERY much a lipstick person and feel it’s the best accessory to my face but as of late with the pandemic I’ve found a new love for our glosses. 

I have found a whole new appreciation for lip glosses while in lockdown. My formulation is light, non sticky, moisturizing and gives the perfect amount of colour to my lips. I feel very polished and chic when I’m waring them.

There are 5 shades to choose from that are all universal - when I say universal I mean it doesn’t matter your age or skin tone, it’s about colour preference. Don’t let these guys fool you. They appear much darker in the tube then when you apply them on.

My best tip would be to choose the shade that is closest to your lip tone. Do you have more of a plum, brown or pink tone? I like to switch them up and ALWAYS have one with me when heading out. 

Which gloss shade are you? Please tell me in the comments below ;)


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