Let's talk Fragrance....

You're too pretty to poison! I truly mean that. This is what Fragrance is in personal care products.

Fragrance is where companies can hide “trade secrets” and not disclose what ingredients are really going into your products. Meaning anything they want and you can't find out about it. This is terrifying and not regulated as it's the wild west when it comes to beauty & personal care products. It's up to the manufacture to regulate and up to the consumer to know this.

This is where education is our friend and I know you are pretty knowledgeable ;)

Here's the good news.... many amazing companies promote Fragrance Free these days. I'm a die hard perfume junkie and thankfully there's lots of great options. Better yet, find your fav essential oils and make your own. I did this when I was in India and still to this day is one of my absolute fav perfumes I wear and get so many compliments on. Most importantly - I know what's in it.

My best suggestion is to pick an item that you use regularly and see if it has fragrance in it. If it does see if you can get a proper ingredient list for what it is. Otherwise swap it out for one that you can understand what the ingredients are that meet your personal standards.

Any questions? PLEASE ask away. I'm here to assist you!


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