26 Seconds....

That’s how long it can take for products to be absorbed into you skin, scalp & underarms.

What are you putting on? Have a think next time you're applying your body lotion, makeup, deodorant and shampoo. 

Everyday you're applying products and it's the accumulation that builds up that can lead to irritations or worse. I receive emails daily from women who have used the same things for years and can no longer. Has this ever happened to you?

That being said I also know women who have used the same products all their lives and have no issues. 

My #1 tip is avoid fragrance. This is where companies can hide “trade secrets” and not disclose what ingredients are really going into your products. This is  terrifying and not regulated as it's the wild west. It's up to the manufacture to regulate and up to the consumer to know this. Kind of insane right?

My best suggestion is to pick an item that you use regularly and swap it out for one that you can understand what the ingredients are and they meet your personal standards.

These are the the most common guys you should be avoiding:

PETROCHEMICALS (Refined Petroleum)
SLS - Sodium Lauryl Sulphate found in shampoos
SILICA (Silicon)

Any step you take is ALWAYS in the right direction. Any questions? Don't be shy. I love to help. 


PS - take a peak at my last post MASKNE = face mask acne. Yes, it's a thing!

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Thought I would throw this one out there. My eyelids have gotten very dry, scaly and itchy. My Dr. told me it was Exema . Maybe dermatitis. She gave me a sample and frankly the insert was enough to scare the bejeesus out of me . So I got the lightest OTC hydrocortisone cream at the pharmacy and it is keeping it at bay but not totally gone. I didn’t use it yesterday and my left eyelid is a little puffy this morning. I thought of seeing a naturopath. Any comments? Thanks. Toni

Toni September 10, 2020

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