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With summer in full swing, weekends away, cottaging, bike riding, beach days, park dates, HEAT WAVES... we're all looking for that easy & perfect no makeup makeup look. I know I am and I have it nailed down perfectly!

You always want to start with a great base. I like to add my moisturizer on first and them my SPF. I'm VERY diligent about always putting on extra SPF on my face & neck. Once you have this done and being moist is good. You don't want to be dry. 

Here are my steps I take:

Skin prep done - foundation. I like to have a base but also feel it's that added protection from the sun and pollutants. Our foundation is very light and doesn't feel heavy or will cake. It will not melt off your face either.

Concealer - under my eye, around my nose & mouth.

PRO TIP - I do like to use a damp beauty blender. It absorbs extra product and smooths out fine lines, large pores and just seems to put everything in it's place.

Bronzer - I like to have that sun kissed glow and will mix in a bit of the cheek balms in the apple of my cheeks. Because I wear my sunglasses daily I really care about my cheeks & lips!

Lipstick - When I don't have to wear a Face Mask I LOVE to wear my matte lipsticks. I have always said they are the best accessory for your face. That being said if you feel like you're going to be more sporty than Gloss is your BFF or the lip balms if you're looking for sporty with more colour!

Highlighter - cheek bones, all over my eyelids, cupid bow & ridge of my nose.

As for eye makeup if I'm going to be out during the day in the sun I don't bother as my sunglasses don't come off.

Night time summer look - I like to have a clean lid such as concealer, highlighter and I'll use the gold metallic eyeshadow for eyeliner on both top & bottom. Mascara - I do curl my lashes. ALWAYS. If you've been sporty all day this is a great time for that bolder lip. Bronzer and you're good to go. 

Less is more and it's easy to add more if need be. I like to feel my skin protected, polished and not worried that it's getting caky or sticky. 

I feel like I have this look down to a science now and have worn it through heat waves, beach days, bike riding, park dates - you name it. 

If you'd like to get a custom no makeup makeup look feel free to email me with an image of yourself to


PS - have you seen my post on to Gloss or not to Gloss? 

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